Garni. The pagan temple of Garni, a unique monument dating back to the Hellenistic era, which has been preserved on the territory of Armenia. It is located at a distance of 28 kilometers from Yerevan, in the picturesque gorge of the river Azat. In the 1st century AD in a fortress located on a triangular upland, Trdat I commanded to construct a delightful temple dedicated to the sun God Mithra. After the adoption of Christianity, it is not destroyed, becoming the summer residence of Armenian kings. As a result of a strong earthquake in 1679, the temple was almost completely destroyed. Restoration works began in 1966, lasting almost 10 years. Today, around the temple you can see the remains of an ancient fortress, the royal palace causing a great interest, the royal baths with multi-colored mosaics and the mysterious inscription "Worked without getting anything," hiding the strength and power of the past.

Geghard. The famous Geghard monastery is located in the Kotayk district, 9 kilometers from Garni. The monastery complex was built in the 12-13 centuries. At first it was called Ayrivank (Cave Monastery), but later it was renamed Geghard (Spear), by which, according to legend, the Roman legionary pierced Christ. The complex consists of the main Catholic Church, a narthex, carved into the rock of two churches, a chapel and the Church of the Holy Virgin, which is considered the most ancient monument of the complex.

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