Khor Virap. Khor Virap is situated in Ararat region- on a hill in the nearby village of Small Lead. It is considered to be one of the holiest places of the Armenian Apostolic Church. According to the history, it was here that deep pit, into which Gregory the Illuminator has been imprisoned for preaching Christianity on the order  of Tiridates the III. Only after long years of imprisonment, when Gregory the Illuminator cures Тiridates the III of a serious illness, the king proclaimed Christianity as a state religion. Geographically Khor Virap is the closest spot to the Mount Ararat. From here you will have the opportunity to see the legendary mountain.

Noravank. One of the significant cultural and religious centers of medieval Armenia is the Noravank monastery complex, which is located in the Vayots Dzor region in the valley of the Arpa River Gorge and is surrounded by impassable cliffs. Noravank consists of St. Karapet (1216-1221 гг.), St. Grigory the Illuminator churches (1275г.)   and St. Astvatsatsin (Holy Mother of God) two-storey church (1339г.), which is notable for its ideal constructive and sculptural work, the western facade of which is distinguished by its uniqueness: a narrow staircase, in the form of a pyramid, leading to the second floor of the Cave-Birds (Areni-1): The cave is located 12 kilometers from Yeghegnadzor on the left bank of the Areni river. The cave consists of 3 rooms and has an area of ​​500 m², most of which have not yet been studied. As a result of excavations in the cave, metal knives, fruit seeds, the remains of grain, ropes, ceramics, clothing, raisins and prunes dating to 4200-3500 were found. BC. Here was found the world's oldest leather shoes, which are more than 5500 years old, a women's skirt attributed to 3900 BC, as well as the oldest winery in the world. Currently, this winery is considered the oldest in the world and dates from the 4th millennium BC. The caves were not residential, and the consumption of wine for people was a ritual.

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