Tour "Pomegranate Necklace of the Caucasus"


Day 1 arrival in Yerevan

Meeting at Yerevan  airport with the sign “TRAVEL BEE”. Transfer to the hotel.

Free time


2 day Meeting with Armenia and moving to Georgia

Breakfast at the hotel, check out.

Today you will get acquainted with the pagan history of Armenia and find out how Christianity developed and spread in the country. First stop - temple Garni (77 AD)

Visit the pagan temple of the Sun (1st century A.D.) in the settlement of Garni - a favorite place of Armenian kings. The temple is a spectacle of extraordinary beauty, at times seeming unreal. Built in the Greek style, it occupies a triangular cape ruling over a deep gorge, enveloped by the river Azat from two sides. The surrounding area itself is incredibly beautiful. A Greco-Roman bathhouse with a mosaic of 30,000 pieces of natural stones, as well as the ruins of the royal palace, will take you to the 3rd century AD.

A visit to the cave church of St. Geghard (12th-13th centuries), which means "Holy Spear" in honor of the very same spear that was used to pierce the crucified Christ. The spear is now in the Museum of St. Etchmiadzin). The temple is located high in the mountains in the picturesque gorge of the river Goght. This is a masterpiece of Armenian medieval architecture. It is a complex consisting of a main church, two cave churches and a burial. In the first cave temple, a cold spring beats from a rock. It is believed that its holy water heals of diseases and gives beauty. Monastery Geghard is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site (List 2000).

Return to Yerevan and a sightseeing tour in Yerevan.

The tour is followed by a transfer to Georgia, namely, to Tbilisi.

Day 3 City Sightseeing Tour Tbilisi + Mtskheta

We will begin our tour from Sameba Holy Trinity Cathedral, built in 2006, where the relics of St. Giorgi the Victorious are stored and where the Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II is currently conducting services. This Cathedral is the largest in Georgia and one of the grandest Orthodox churches in the whole world. The territory of the cathedral is quite vast, it offers beautiful views of Mount Mtatsminda and the old city, you can see olive trees, Spanish firs, lavender, you can go up to the pond with peacocks and swans, as well as try the best Georgian lemonade Laghidze and unique homemade ice cream . Then we go up the mountain Mtatsminda known in translation as the "Holy Mountain". It got its name for a reason. In the distant 6th century the holy monk David (Idem David Gareja) lived in the grotto. And now there is a church of the Holy Father David and a miraculous spring that heals women from infertility and people from blindness. Many believers come here from different parts of the world to try out the effect of the miraculous spring and are granted due to their faith. Around the temple, there is a pantheon of great writers and public figures, including Alexander Griboedov, the great Georgian poet and writer Ilia Chavchavadze, the first president of Georgia Zviad Gamsakhurdia, Stalin's mother Ekaterina Jughashvili and many others. Later on we will go through the entire historical part of the old city, where we will visit the ancient temple of the 5th century Anchiskhati, the Cathedral of the 6th century Sioni, where the Patriarch of All Georgia used to serve, go down the famous Shardeni street to Meidan, see the famous Sulfur baths and waterfall, learn the legend of the creation of Tbilisi (5th century), cross the Bridge of Peace to the park of Europe (Rike). Next we will go to Mtskheta.

These famous lines were born, when the great writer M. Lermontov visited the ancient capital of Mtskheta and the monastery of the 6th century Jvari.  Jvari “Cross” is a functioning monastery, which is one of the very first UNESCO monuments from Georgia, a place of power and more. On the place where the monastery stands now, preserved almost in its original form, in the 4th century, St. Nino created her cross from the vine, and Christianity was adopted as the main religion. We will visit the monastery itself, enjoy the gorgeous views around and see the junction of the two rivers described in the poem “Mtsiri”. In fair weather, from the territory of Jvari one can see even the top of Kazbegi! Then we will visit the ancient capital Mtskheta, where you can take a stroll along the streets, purchase exclusive handmade souvenirs, Georgian sweets, and most importantly, we will see the Cathedral Svetitskhoveli “Life-giving Pillar” (XI century), which is called The Second Jerusalem for a reason. According to legend, the tunic of Jesus Christ is buried under this cathedral, which was brought there in the 1st century by rabbi Elioz from Mtskheta. The part of the cross, on which Jesus Christ was crucified is stored in the cathedral, there is the burial of Georgian kings and princes and many interesting mysterious frescoes.



Day 4  Kakheti +Wine degustation tour+ Georgian bread baking - puri master class

If you have not visited Kakheti, you were not in Georgia! We are inviting you to visit the eastern part of Georgia - the homeland of wine and hospitality. This tour is truly gastronomic. In the first part of the tour we will visit the women's monastery complex in Bodbe, where Saint Nino is buried, thanks to which Christianity was adopted in Georgia. Afterwards, a fascinating walk through the city of love Sighnaghi (which means "refuge") is awaiting you, where once the great artist Pirosmani fell in love with his Margarita, and now there is a 24-hour registry office where one can get married in just 15 minutes! You will also have a unique opportunity to stroll along the fortress wall (The second in the world after the Chinese), along which there are 28 watch towers, and where you can enjoy the best views of Alazani valley! In Kakheti, you will find the most delicious khachapuri master class in a real Kakhetian family.

Later on we will go to the winery, where you can learn all about the technologies of Georgian winemaking, and, of course, try several varieties of real natural wine directly from the tanks!

On the way, we will drop-in a small home bakery - try to make Georgian bread “shotis puri“ in a hot oven – “Tone” and will have  delicious snack - hot bread with a crispy crust, salty Georgian cheese and wine. Return to Tbilisi.


Day 5 Uplistsikhe- Borjomi

This day is planned to visit Uplistsikhe, the cave city, which is the oldest in Georgia! Here you will see the old halls of St. Tamara, a wine cellar, a pharmacy, a theater, etc. Later on we will go to Borjomi, where you can walk through the famous park.

  Arrival and night in Akhaltsikhe. Hotel Rio3 *


Day 6 Vardzia- Rabati

After breakfast, the group will have an interesting excursion in Vardzia. This is a famous monastery complex among the mountains. It covers an area of over 900 meters along the left bank of river Kura and is a complex system of more than 600 spaces (from cells and chapels to the treasury) carved in stone! A tour to Vardzia is one of the key points of the trip. An atmosphere of power reigns here, conquering with its mystery. Just think what a person is capable of in the name of faith!

The construction of the monastery began in the era of the reign of the great Queen Tamara, but there is evidence that the first caves appeared here even earlier, approximately from 1156 to 1184. The end of the construction of the complex is considered to be 1285-1306. Historically, it served not only as a monastery, but also as a fortress.

Despite the fact that the complex lost its strategic importance as a result of the strongest earthquake in the 13th century, when part of the rock fell into the river Kura, it is still of great importance. In addition today the monastery is active. If you have not visited Vardzia, you have not seen Georgia. This place impresses with its grandeur, amazes with its beauty and picturesque places, hiding for many centuries from the outside world.

Next we will visit the Rabat fortress. This powerful, impregnable fortress has turned into a huge city, which occupies about 7 hectares and each meter of the territory is fraught with mysteries and surprises. In Rabat you can get acquainted with the rich Georgian and Turkish history and culture. There is also an Orthodox church, a mosque, defensive installation and the Samtskhe-Javakheti museum. Beautiful fountains, pools, dizzying panoramas and the subtle aroma of lavender - the whole territory is literally surrounded by greenery. We will visit the lower part of the fortress - huge walls, massive gates that lead into the fortress. Clean paved paths and small areas and pools are alluring to sit in cozy cafes. A young stepped vineyard is growing here.

Visiting the upper part of the fortress (museum for an additional fee)

Late arrival in Tbilisi and free time.


7 day Back Home
After breakfast, we check out and go to the airport. Goodbye Georgia!



Tour price per person for double occupancy  435$

Tour price per person for single occupancy  710 $

Tour price per person for triple occupancy 410 $


The tour price includes:

  • Transport and excursion services
  • Wine testing
  • khachapuri master class
  •  Georgian bread-puri master class
  •  Accommodation in 3 * hotels according to the program (Hotel King Tom, Hote Aristokrat, Boutique Hotel 27, Taste Tbilisi, We stay Tbilisi, Argo Palace). Meals “breakfasts” is confirmed by one of these hotels (upon availability of the place)

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