Borjomi - Gori - Upliscikhe caves one day trip  is an amazing opportunity to explore western Georgia for one day ,enjoy green mountains , parks , ancient cave city of Upliscikhe and spa town -Borjomi 


The ancient cave city Uplistsikhe (The boundary of II-I millennium BC) is located 15 km away from Gori. Despite severe damage and destruction after the earthquake of 1928, the city still holds the remains of paganism and Christianity and is the most important monument of the history and culture of Georgia. And after you will travel to the most central part of the country - the famous resort town Borjomi! There you can stroll through the city park and drink the “The one” real mineral water from the spring! Those who wish can also go up to the open sulfur springs and take a bath. The main thing in Borjomi is to breathe deeply, saturate your lungs with oxygen of a life-giving nature and enjoy! 


Main sites visited : 

Upliscikhe caves of 4 c BC 

Gori town 

Borjomi spa resort 

Park of Borjomi 

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