Hiking tour in Armenia 8 days  

Meeting at the Airport with sign of Travel Bee company , Transfer to your chosen hotel, check-in and rest a little bit , then we start :
On the car we will drive to the start point . One of the most interesting trekking routes starts from Lake Sevan, the largest mountain freshwater lake in Armenia and the CIS, and the second largest high mountain lake in the world. Sevan is a popular destination for summer holidays, as well as an ideal place for camping and trekking. You can spend а few days exploring the shores of the lake and spend nights in a tent on the beach 
Trekking along the shores of the lake includes visiting the monastery of Sevanavank (IX century) on the peninsula, then climbing the mountain Artanish (altitude 2460 meters).
The next destination of the route is Dilijan, one of the most picturesque corners of Armenia. The resort town of Dilijan is located in the national park. Coniferous forests and mild climate are ideal for health while the whole territory of the region and the resort town are ideal for trekking
 From Dilijan, we head to Lake Parz that is a well-known natural landmark of the region. All trekking tours start from the shores of the lake. Through the forest, the road leads to meadows, along a small river and Ijevan range. On the way, you will see ancient khachkars and finally, the Goshavank monastery (XII century) will appear before your eyes . This day we will have overnight in Ijevan hotel 



Second day trekking tour is the city of Ijevan, another picturesque corner of Armenia. Thanks to mineral waters, mild climate and dense forests Ijevan is considered one of the popular resorts. For trekking, horseback riding and camping Ijevan is also one of the best destinations.
The first stop in the city is the Makravanq monastery and natural attractions. The monastic complex with all the churches is considered one of the main medieval architectural masterpieces. Makarevanq is built of dark pink and green stones and from the distance, the whole complex looks impressive The route from Makaravanq continues to the oldest settlements, the cave of Lastiver. The descent to Lastiver will be along the old staircase and along the banks of the Khachahpyur River. At the end of the path, you will have a fabulous view of the waterfall in the gorge. At the entrance to the cave, there is a bas-relief of the pre-Christian era. Lastiver can make a stop or even spend the night in tents.
The road from Lastiver leads to Yenokavan, to the gorge and the caves of Yenokavan. The most interesting in Yenokavan village is the new Yell Extreme entertainment Park. In the park, you will have the opportunity to fly on a paraglider, ride a zipline, and stroll through the Rope Park. Routes and bridges are built on trees and, to overcome the path, you will walk from one tree to another. Also in the park, you can play Paintball and try your skills as a driver on Off-road tours 
This day we have overnight near Sevaberd village


Trekking route starts in the village of Sevaberd and leads to Geghama mountains. This is one of the most authentic and wild trekking routes, the difficulty level is above average. From the village of Sevaberd, the route leads to the mountain lake Akna. The lake is at an altitude of 3,032 meters above sea level. Akna was formed in the crater of the volcano, on the Geghama Highlands. In the autumn it feeds on rain, in the winter months the lake freezes completely.
From the lake, an 8-kilometer ascent to Mount Azhdahak begins. This is another extinct volcano and the highest point of the Geghama Range (3597 meters). Climbing to the top, you can admire the Geghama Range, Lake Sevan, Mount Aragats, Mount Ararat and Mount Ara . 
One of the trekking routes passes through historical monuments, Lake Kari and ends with an ascent to Mount Aragats. Saghmosavanq monastery is located on a wide plateau near the cliff of the picturesque canyon of the Kasakh River. From canyon, you can see a beautiful view of Ararat and Arailer mountains. Sagmosavank is one of the brightest architectural masterpieces of the XII century . Overnight in Sevan  

We drive to Djermuk town and then here we will start our hiking route . 
We will visit the local church and visit the Djermuk waterfalls . 
On the way we have beaituful landskapes and fantastic views over the Armenian   mountains Overnight in Djermuk town 

5 DAY ARENI WINES - NORAVANK  -   - Tsaghats Kar – Caravanserai 

The village of Areni and the caves of Areni are considered the center of winemaking in Armenia. The fact is that the very first winery in the world with the age of 6000 years was found in the caves of Areni. The caves are partially open to visitors. The traces of the most ancient civilizations since the Stone Age are still visible in the cave. If you are planning trekking in early October, you will have a chance to take part in the annual Areni wine festival
From the caves of Areni along the gorge we head to the monastery of Noravanq (XII century), built over the edge of the gorge. From the monastery, you can see amazing views of the gorge and steep cliffs. The monastic complex is built of pink and peach tuff. On the background of the rocks, the historical monument looks absolutely harmonious.
Next destination is the village of Artabuinka from where begins 2 km ascent to the mountain and Smbataberd Fortress. Powerful fortress walls stand proudly on the top of the mountain. From the top, you will have an impressive view of the gorge.
Tsaghac Kar monastery is located in 2 km from the fortress.  This is a large complex of several parts, each of them includes a group of churches, a cemetery, cells, a porch and other household buildings.
The last point of the trekking route is the Selim Pass and the IV century caravanserai. The caravanserai was built on the Silk Road, where caravans with goods stopped. The entrance is decorated with stalactite ornaments. This day we will overnight in Goris town 

Today  trekking route passes through Syunik region, the richest one with natural and historical monuments. The first destination of the route is Karahunj or Zorats Karer. This is one of the most mysterious places in Armenia, the secret of which has not yet been revealed. According to one theory, a group of stones with perfect holes served as an observatory. It is proved that Zorats Karer monument is much older than the famous Stonehenge monument . Transfer to Yerevan and check in the hotel 


One of the oldest cities of the world, Yerevan is famous as a pink city and calls visitors with its humble and at the same time splendid landscapes. Start the city tour with a visit to the 572-step Cascade Monument, which serves as the main symbol of the city’s 2780th anniversary. The mega scale staircase is 500 meters high and 50 meters wide. A panoramic view from the monument opens up breathtaking city view with Opera House, Mount Ararat, Swan Lake, Republic Square, and Abovyan Avenue, which you will also walk by during the tour. If it is a weekend, visit Vernissage, the biggest souvenir market in Yerevan.
Continue to the Armenian Genocide memorial complex on the hill of Tsitsernakaberd. An excellent round-up of the tour will be a visit to the Megeryan carpet factory where you can observe a process of creating famous Armenian rugs. You will see carpets from different regions of Armenia and find out about hidden meanings of elements used in their design. In the evening dinner in Yerevan  


Transfer to the airport of Yerevan  

Price included:

Accommodations based on double/single/triple  room sharing at hotel 3-4* BB;
All transfers;
Memorable  hiking 
All Dinners and Lunches including in the program;
Wine tastings 
Entrance tickets
Professional mount guide 

Exclusions:  Air tickets; Personal travel insurance; Other  lunches and dinners.

Price is given in case of the group of 4-6 people . 


Price per pax in case of TWIN accommodation 430 $ 

Price per pax in case of SINGLE accommodation 580 $ 



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