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Travel Bee Ltd  is the  destination management company located in Georgia , Tbilisi

Our company has more then 8 years of experience in tourism organization and our focus is on providing immersive and authentic local  experience with best available quality in tourism   

We do offer group and customized travel programs from daily tours to VIP tailor made tours, to  Georgia , Armenia and  Azerbaijan   

Travel Bee staff is company’s biggest asset. All members of our team have more than 7 years experience in tourism field . We should point out that we own three offices – one in Tbilisi Georgia , another one in Azerbaijan Baku city and one in Russia Perm city   

A team of 13 full-timer and 20  own guides, experienced, dedicated and creative, knows how to give you the best experience. “Travel Bee” always composes the programs that meet the high expectation of the customers from over the world. Company’s staff commitment to quality, responsible travel and customer satisfaction give the opportunity to receive annually growing number of tourists

We own our  transport       

Travel Bee

Member of the travel association of TO

We are official registered tour operator on the territory of Georgia and have permission to organize
tours to Georgia – Armenia and Azerbaijan

Travel Bee


We have own offices in three countries : Georgia , Russia and Azerbaijan
And we do have more then 200 travel agent partners all around the globe

Travel Bee

Our transport

We do have our own transport . Company owns 2 sprinter buses with the capacity of 18 -18 passengers ,
also 1 big bus for 50 passengers and small cars .
All vehicles are above the 2014 year and its one of the biggest achievements of the company for the last
years . We can provide standard transport of different capacity as well as any kind of the VIP vehicles .
Travel Bee is the Georgia travel operator which is trying to implement highest standard of quality of the
Caucasus market
All drivers are licensed and with more then 14 years experience in tourism field

Our transport

Travel Bee